200 foot 1 Track Parker Truss Kit
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200 foot 1 Track Parker Truss Kit

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  • Manufacturer: Central Valley
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HO scale 200 foot Single track Parker Truss Bridge Kit.

This HO scale Single Track Bridge is super detailed from a bygone era. Built in the early 1900's, this bridge is a beautiful work of art and will great upon your diorama, layout, or mantle. She assembles much like her 150' sister bridge, the 1902, except she is 50 feet longer. Including an assembly joint every 25 scale feet to improve versatility. She is a welcomed addition to our family and hopefully yours. The Heavy Duty Laced girders included with this kit, can be purchased separately in a package of 5 for custom building many different steel structures and bridges.

The model as built from the plans spans over all 28 inches long. Approximately 6 1/4 inches at its highest point and 4 3/4 inches wide. The over-head clearance well above 3 3/8 inches from a code 83 rail head. From rail-head to bottom of shoe is approximately 15/16 inches. The parts are injection molded of a high impact grade of styrene plastic that is the same as used in the popular automobile and military hobby kits. Cementing and painting requires the same materials and techniques in common use in the construction of those kits and the most popular model railroad kits.

The bridge kit components are ideal for kit bashing and the scratch building of other bridges and steel structures. Also, the parts are completely universal with the original 1902 truss kit family as well.

Versions of this bridge kit can be altered in design to match prototype structures you prefer. It is easy to create bridge structures using parts available from the Central Valley line of products and other manufactures combined. This 200' Parker Truss kit resembles one of several 175' pin / bar connected bridges located on the Southern Pacific Mainline which runs East & West from Sacramento, CA over Donner Pass to Reno, NV.

Modifications in bracing, rail, guard-rails, walkways and railings, telegraph arms attached, and different portals are common.They are most often painted black, but there are examples of silver, gray, red oxide and green.

Ho Scale one track Parker Truss Bridge.

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