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This choice is superb in looks and function. The curvable feature really comes into play now. Beautiful flowing track work with all of the design freedom is possible. Curved crossovers, curved ladder tracks? Yes and yes! With the #9, the modeler is really replicating modern prototype track work. The number 9 (and longer) are generally what the prototype uses.

The 2901 "CVT" Turnout Tie Strips offer:

  1. Self-gauging molded tie-plate detail for code 83, & code 70, and some code 55 rail!
  2. Special "Half-Tie" at ends for gluing strips end-to-end for long smooth runs!
  3. Flexible connecting web at bottom of ties for realistic ballasting that allows surface wiring to slip under the rail foot for easy soldering and access which hides easily under ground cover and ballast!
  4. Alignment Sights to aid in following curves along a centerline created by the model!
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