Heavy Duty Windowed Box Girders

Heavy Duty Windowed Box Girders

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  • Item #: 1901-5
  • Manufacturer: Central Valley
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Heavy Duty 30" Punched Bridge Girders

HD windowed Box Girders

The 1901-5 HO scale 30" Heavy Duty Girders can replace the girders in our 1902 HO Bridge kit to make it a heartier looking bridge, or for other kit bashing ideas you may have. All of our products are made of 100% styrene (some of our kits may have some small metal parts) and are made right here in America! The 1901-5 offers 30" Punched girders, used in many double-track and longer singletrack railroad bridges and is great for making towers too.

The HO 1901-5 heavy-duty Punched Girder package has enough 30" wide girder material to build a 300 scale foot section of bridge truss, which allows modelers to either "heavy-up" our HO 1902 bridge kit or build that double-track bridge they have always wanted to build. We here at CVMW are working hard to expand our bridge and steel parts product line.

HO Heavy Duty Girder Specifications

Girder Face: HO 30" 0.345 inches
Girder Depth: HO 24" 0.276 inches
Girder Length: HO 42' 4.5" 5.800 inches
Small Girder Face: HO 16 3/4" 0.193 inches
Small Girder Depth: HO 12" 0.138 inches
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