Mixed CVT Sample Pack

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#20006 Mixed Tie Sampler Pack:

The 20006 H-O scale Central Valley Tie section (CVT) Sample pack gives you 2 each of all three types of CVT we offer at this time.




Mainline and Branch Line tie strips are molded in lengths just over 12 inches and can be glued together end to end to make long smooth track. Mainline ties (2001) & Branch Line ties (2002) feature:

Self-gauging molded tie-plate detail for code 83, & code 70, and some code 55 rail!

  • Scale 9ft. long ties spaced about 21in. (Mainline), 8ft. long ties spaced about 23in. (Branch Line).
  • 0.075 in. from road bed to rail foot (Mainline), 0.065 from road-bed to rail foot (Branch Line).
  • Special "Half-Tie" at ends for gluing strips end-to-end for long smooth runs!
  • Flexible connecting web at bottom of ties for realistic ballasting that has space (air) under rail foot!
  • Alignment Sights to aid in following curves along a centerline created by the modeler.

The 2003 8'-6" H-O scale CVT is self-gauging with code 83, and code 70 rail sizes.

Let me give you several reasons why you should choose and implement this revolutionary 2003 8' -6" H-O scale CVT track product on your next, or first H-O scale model building project.

  • All the CVT tie products produce smooth, accurate radii limited only by the wheel base of equipment you choose to operate on all your CVT.
  • The 2003 8'-6" H-O scale CVT tie sections are designed with 8'-6" tie lengths randomly placed along a prototypical 19-tie per-33' average. Some ties are slightly out-of-square, misplaced, and mismatched to achieve the most effortless realistic mainline H-O scale trackage ever manufactured.
  • Joining two pieces of H-O scale CVT together for a continuing smooth radius is superior to all other methods. In-turn, this allows craftsmen to construct reliable rugged staggered rail joints.
  • The 2003 8'-6" H-O scale CVT tie sections can be pre-assembled with rail at the work bench to allow craftsmen to install track sections in hidden and hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  • Because of the H-O scale CVT products unique "hollow" design on the under-side, the H-O scale CVT tie sections can be glued in place with simple non toxic environmentally safe white glue, which allows the glue to grab hold in areas which are protected from harmful elements.
  • With the 2003 8'-6" H-O scale CVT, there is no need to glue the rail down because when pushed over with a Stanley 2/32 nail set, tough integral rail anchors and spikes hold your rail into the realistic tie plates.
  • The 2003 8'-6" H-O scale CVT allow craftsmen to paint, ballast, and detail the track at any point during installation.
  • The 2003-6 package includes enough CVT material to build over 6 feet of mainline track.

These features allow the craftsmen to have free rein from the first design, to making final adjustments during construction.

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