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40 foot Un-Decorated NP Stock Car Kit.

This exciting injection molded styrene kit features super detailing and easy assembly!
The Central Valley NP Stock Car No. 1001, utilizes the already well-known No. 1000 under frame and floor parts as a base,
two sprues of side and end parts, and one sprue of No. 1003 roof parts packaged in a bag with instructions.
The doors operate by the addition of two short lengths of .020 inch wire.
Assembly requires only simple tools. When you have a string of these great cars with the famous Central Valley authenticity, all that's left to say is.... 
WHERE'S THE BEEF? The only detail we left off was the aroma!

No. 1001 Stock Car Features include:

  • Easy Assembly!
  • Separate Ladders and Grab Irons!
  • Separate Roof-walkway and End Platforms!
  • Separate Brake Wheel and Platform!
  • Separate End Loading Hatch!
  • Snap Truck Bolsters!
  • Highly Detailed Under Frame!
  • Sliding Doors!
  • Separate Letter and Data Boards!

(Less trucks couplers & decals) 

Now Available from  Microscale is decal set #: 87-1399


Central Valley 1001 Round Roof Stock car kit.

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